Don’t touch Germs Keychain ❌


HYGIENIC DOOR OPENER TOOL WITH RUBBER TIP STYLUS - SanitaryKey, is a anti-touch tool for operating doors, push stick for elevator buttons, ATM machines and touchscreens, and flushing lever and turning faucets on public bathrooms.

SMALL ENOUGH TO CARRY AROUND IN YOUR KEY CHAIN. Fits in your key chain, forget about it and use it anytime you need it. It's a multi-function tool that can be used at home, office, gyms, buses, trains etc.

RUBBERIZED TIP can be used in a lot of ways like touchscreens, elevator and all kinds of buttons, credit card machines, digital signatures, gas pumps, or retail payment pads.

Unique Design – Featuring ring design, which is convenient for finger hooking to control work entirely, and hook that does not slip, allowing to pull even heavy industrial or commercial doors while providing a super good grip.

Materials: Brass

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