About US

Our mission at Chic Party Goods is to bring you nostalgia through each selected piece we sell.

 We have passion, love, and eye for detail! 

Established in 2017, we are known as a pop-up shop, and an online retail store, that specializes in Latinx Merchandise.


About the founder: 

My name is Juanita. I have always had a passion for creativity, styling, party planning, and my heritage. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, and proudly graduated from FIDM, the Fashion Institute of Design Merchandising. I majored in interior design. Although, I was born in Los Angeles, I am extremely proud of my Mexican roots. Both of my parents were born in Jalisco, Mexico. 

"Thanks to my father and mother, I have a deeply rooted love for our beautiful culture." 

Chic Party Goods was created to embrace culture in a fun way! 

I wanted to create a place where someone could shop for unique Latinx party goods, fashionable accessories, all inspired by Latin culture!

My idea to create a shop like this came about when I was looking for Latinx inspired goods and fashionable accessories to match my party theme. As I learned that I could not find what I needed anywhere, I decided to take a chance and put my idea into action!


In 2017 when this idea developed, I was a stay-at-home-mom, coming out of a deep depression, the result of a back injury that left me handicapped for many years, I wanted to get back to work, and I knew it would be difficult due to being out of the 

work-force for eight years. This is when I decided to start my own business. 

After all, I had the design and business background. 

Chic Party Goods was founded from humble beginnings at local farmers markets and pop-up events, selling handmade cards, banners, and colorful unique exports from Mexico. Time willed it, and slowly, but surely I moved into having my own online business that continues to grow everyday, thanks to YOU! Chic Party Goods merchandise is sold all over the world and my hope is to be an example and inspiration to many women globally!

At Chic Party Goods you can shop for things like: pins, party goods, handmade crafts, face masks, purses, gold plated jewelry and much more! 

Thank you for your support!